Chill Products - Industrial Door Systems

 Chill Products (Australia) Pty.Ltd. began trading on July 1st, 1996

Initially the business was supplying and installing PVC and various other closures to the
Food Processing and Cold Storage Communities.

These closures addressed the temperature sensitivities surrounding the
processing, storage and distribution of food products.

The product range was later expanded to include the French NERGECO range of
High Speed Motorised Traffic Doors, or what have become known in industry as
“Rapid Lift Doors”.

These highly reliable, simple in design, very low operating cost Rapid Lift Doors,
address the needs of all Industrial sectors.

They provide fast access and closure, providing a dust free environment,
internal temperature stability and energy cost savings.

In addition to the needs of the Food and Cold Storage industries, Nergeco Rapid Lift Doors have specific products which address the needs of the, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Distribution, Manufacturing, Transport, Mining, Aviation and Shipping industries.

One particular Nergeco area of speciality is  Large openings exposed to
Very High Wind Loads.

For instance, the Nergeco range includes a Rapid Door of dimensions
up to 10m x 20m, with a Wind Loading Capacity of 180kp off the standard range.

Larger doors to 30m are available as special orders

We at Chill Products believe that above all, Prompt Professional Service is absolute.

We try hard to live out that philosophy and believe that the South Australian business community
have come to trust that we do deliver on that promise.

Please, be our guest and inspect our range of closures.

                We may even be able to help you meet some of your special needs.                  



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